Thursday, October 31, 2013


I guess I shouldn't be lazy and actually write about Halloween. For the last three years AECT has held its annual conference on Halloween, and it's the conference that is Royce's favorite, and really good for networking, so Royce was in Anaheim and we had another girls only Halloween. :) Normally we just go to our ward trunk-or-treat, but this year they didn't have one, so luckily Moscow had some really great trick-or-treat options, which made it a pretty easy, fun night!
We started out the night before putting pin curls in Emmaline's hair because she wanted to be Merida. I also wasn't going to dress Josephine up because I knew I was going to carry her in the pack all night, but the day before I got really sentimental about it, and grabbed a cute little Halloween outfit when we were at Walmart, and a square of felt, and ended up taking one of Emmaline's headbands and making her kitty ears. (Her shirt says "I'm a little scardey cat.") We also found a little sleep mask from Michaels for $0.50, and that became Marta's superhero mask. I made her cape a while ago, and it has an M on it. (Emmaline dug through the dress-up box a while ago and decided she wanted to be Merida.) So Halloween day we got all dressed up, sprayed Emmaline's hair red, threw a couple of pink stripes in Marta's hair, skyped with Daddy for a couple of minutes so he could see everyone's costume and headed to the little "mall" that's just a few blocks away. (I also took these 4 pics before we left, and my battery died, so I took it as a sign that I wasn't going to mess with any more pictures.) It was fun at the mall, and the girls got some candy and played some games, and then we headed out and decided to see if there was anything going on at the "bigger" mall. It was super crowded, but we had nowhere we needed to be, so we walked around and the girls got tons of candy there, and by the end we were pretty tired and felt like we'd experienced Halloween thoroughly, so after a quick trip to Safeway to get some twix bars, we headed home, had our mummy dogs and watched Black Sheep. (I really did look for a fun Halloween kid movie, but there was nothing on Amazon Prime, and the girls really liked watching Tommy Boy so we thought we'd try Black Sheep.) I was pretty tired by the end of the day, but all in all it was a pretty successful Halloween, and the girls had lots of fun.

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