Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A few updates...

So we made it to Idaho. Royce's family and some neighbors got us all packed up in uhaul boxes and we spent our last couple of nights in Austin in a motel, and flew out to Idaho Monday night. (3rd) (Royce had to work in Austin on Monday, and Idaho on Tuesday, hence the late night Monday flight.) My dad was waiting for us in the airport, and had come earlier in the weekend and gotten the keys to our new place and brought some beds for us, and a few essential things so we could just crash after our flight got in at 11. All went pretty smoothly except for the fact that the airline lost Josephine's car seat, and the airport in pullman is tiny and there were no other flights coming in until the next day, so  they gave us a loaner car seat to get home in, that was nowhere near an infant carseat, and she couldn't even sit in it because she kept sliding out of it while we were sitting there parked, and it just used the car's seatbelt (it was more like a booster seat) so we strapped her in the bjorn on Royce's chest and had a very anxious few mile drive to out new place.(Luckily the carseat came in the next day so Grandpa went and got it for us.)
 Wednesday Royce and Josephine and I went to Spokane to meet her new cardiologists and have a check up. That went well, and we like her new doctor, and the clinic. She still is having weekly check-ups, and tomorrow we'll go back to Spokane and get an echocardiogram done on their fancy machine in the hospital, she'll have another check-up with the cardiologist and then we'll have a consultation with the surgeon, and meet him and I think kind of tour the hospital because her surgery is scheduled for July 9th. I'm not exactly looking forward to tomorrow; but I guess it's just kind of like a giant band-aid that you just have to rip off and get it done. Luckily my Mom is headed here today so that she can watch the girls tomorrow, and help us out for the next little while while we get ready for Josephine's surgery. So until then we're just kind of staying quarantined in our new little house, and enjoying Idaho. (We have to be really careful so that Josephine doesn't get sick. If she has any kind of a sniffle, cold, anything then they have to cancel the surgery and wait for her to get better.) 
And despite all of the craziness that's going on, we are really loving Idaho. Our little duplex is really nice, and so big in comparison to our old apartment, and there's a washer and dryer, and little backyard, a dishwasher that doesn't have to be connected to the sink...it just goes on and on. :) Royce's job is a little overwhelming right now, but it's kind of a big one to step into right out of school, and he'll hopefully feel a little easier as time goes by. (And he just has a lot to deal with right now. :))  But we really like the area, and the weather, and it's really nice to be in a smaller town again. So we're all here and doing well and hanging in there for the next few weeks anyway! 

(The battery died on my camera, and my power cord is in the uhaul boxes, so these are just a few pictures that I grabbed with my phone.)
I was trying to get a shot of the mountains in the distance to send to my mom.
We bought a couch; a ridiculously large and awesome couch.
Cute girls!

We had a hard time getting Marta to sleep this night, and after a while i went in to check on her and found her like this. :)

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