Thursday, April 18, 2013


So for some reason I've had no desire to blog lately, and keep putting it off, but decided today that I need to clean out my camera so we can take pictures when this new baby comes (In exactly two weeks!) and the crazy hormones in me that make me get anxiety about every silly thing freaked me out that our laptop would die and I'd lose all of my pictures, so I decided to put a few more up on the blog. So here's to complete randomness!
This was a family home evening that we did one time...don't remember what exactly it was that we were doing...
This is a favorite past time of the girls...
Emmaline made us pizza pies for dinner the other night. She made our complete dinner from top to bottom!
This was another home school day at the Texas State History Museum. We've been here quite a few times, and it's been a lot of fun, and this was most likely our last trip there. (There's a close-up of the girls further down...I'm not interested enough to bring it up to the top. :))
Easter!! We had lots of fun with Easter. We died eggs, painted blown out eggs (see below) and had an Easter egg hunt at Nana and Papa's and at our house the day before Easter. Sadly I have no pictures of either of those. I also didn't get a picture of the girls in their cute matching dresses, because I was not up for Church that Sunday. The end of this pregnancy has made me pretty inactive as far as Church is concerned, but I think I've finally accepted that I need to take it easy and not overdo it. (Sadly sometimes sitting at Church for three hours is overdoing it.) But after this baby girl is born and gets a little bigger then it will be nice to be able to be active at Church again. I have had to cut out a lot of unnecessary things out of our daily routine, but that's actually been really nice to be able to see what's really important and what's just kind of fluff. Anyway, back to Easter, so we had planned on a little bit of a fancy dinner that Royce took over, and Emmaline wanted to get all dressed up and decorate her table, so she did then she asked me if I was going to get dressed up, and I told her probably not, and she said, "well can you at least put some clothes on?" I thought that was pretty funny. But still ate Easter dinner in my pajamas.

Here the girls are with their baskets. They are in love with these little stuffed animals, and we have so many different kinds, so we had to get them some little bunnies for Easter, too.

Marta decided to paint her nails by herself, and I came in to find her like this, but she actually did a pretty good job, and put paper down first and didn't even make a mess. (It was kids nail polish, not the real stuff.) So I just let her have at it.

Emmaline's friend Abby stayed the night last weekend and on Saturday we went back to Wazoo's (the big warehouse full of inflatable jumpy things) and the girls had a lot of fun. They were pretty exhausted by the end. Again, though I didn't get a great picture of the place. Oh well.
Hmmm, this should be up with the Easter stuff. This is Marta trying a peep for the first time. She really did like it.
This was just a funny, random video. I'm not sure if you can hear Marta very well in it, but she was cooking rabbits for dinner. It made me laugh. So we only have a couple of more weeks until this baby comes, and between that and getting as ready for Idaho as we can we've had a lot to at least plan and think about since we leave four weeks after the baby will be born. (I do want to post more about Royce's new job, and that process, but seem to be putting that one off too. Hopefully I'll get it done soon.)


Editt said...

I was hoping to see more pictures of baby but your two other babies are just as adorable. ;) Despite being pregnant and having to simplify, your family looks happy. Keep up your awesomeness!

Tori said...

Thanks Editt :)