Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day, phone pics, pregnancy update, etc...

At one of the library branches in Austin, they have these really cute chairs in the kids section, and Marta was so cute sitting in her little chair, reading a book!
Daddy snuggles.
Waiting for the Lion King to start.
Every month Emmaline has a homeschool science class at the Nature and Science Center, and this month they were building marble roller coasters. It was pretty cool, and the kids had a lot of fun.
It's been nice to have her good friend Ben in the science classes this year.

This is Marta's new toddler bed. I was worried about this transition, because every time I would talk to her about a new bed she said she didn't want one, but once it came she was really excited, and has loved it. Last night she was really quiet in their room, so Emmaline went to check on her, and she had gotten tired and climbed in bed and took a little nap. It was awesome.

Valentine's Day
Here's our cute little girls on the morning of Valentine's day. We may or may not have had candy for breakfast. (Well, not me, because I was getting ready for my gestational diabetes test. I had a sugar-free valentine's day, but was kind of naughty the day before and had a little bit of candy. Not even good candy, though.)
 On Wednesday before Valentine's day we had a little Valentine's Day party with a couple of friends, and I was really bad about taking pictures. I got these three, and didn't even get all of the kids that were there. (One hadn't made it yet.) Oh well, I guess I got these at least! We had some little snacks and treats and did a craft, and the kids played.

 Our lone little guy at the party. He decided he wanted to sit at the big table instead of the small one. :)
 Royce is headed out to Idaho for a job interview this week, and they needed a picture of him so we were trying to get one that he liked, and this one was my favorite, but probably not what Idaho is looking for. :)
 These were our little crafts that we made at our party. This is Marta's, mine, and Emmaline's.
 I woke up to this little surprise on Valentine's day. Normally I would have chocolate with flowers, but again, no sugar.
Marta set up this little nest for her and Daddy when we were watching a movie the other night, then she insisted that I take a picture.

 As far as a pregnancy update goes, everything is going pretty well. I had my 28week check up yesterday, and the baby weighs 3lbs 2oz, and the doctor thinks if she keeps growing this way she's going to be at least a good 8lb baby. But since we're having a c-section anyway, it's not something we have to worry about. I had my gestational diabetes test, and passed the fasting one with flying colors, but when I drank the drink and took the one hour test my levels were high, but I only have to be on a modified gestational diabetes diet, and I don't have to go on any medications for it this time. I just have to stay away from added sugar (cakes, cookies, etc) and fruit juice. But I'm fine with white carbs, and everything else, and they'll do a fasting blood sugar test at my next two appointments and as long as everything is okay that's all I'll have to do. But that's probably better anyway, because it makes me be good and eat better. :) Everything else is looking good, though. She's measuring at about 29weeks (except for her legs, which are 31weeks:)) and is really healthy and looking good. So now we just have to keep going with Emmaline's school, keep Marta from mauling Emmaline to death, try and figure out where the heck we're going to be next year, and keep getting ready for this baby to come!

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