Monday, February 25, 2013

Marta's Birthday!

Marta turned two on the 21st, but Royce was gone in Idaho at a job interview, so we celebrated on Saturday when he got back, and she had a lot of fun. It was pretty low key...a special dinner that Marta picked, cake and presents, but she loved it.

Elmo cake!

She loved how her cake tasted this year...last year I made her a chocolate cake, but we've since learned that she doesn't like chocolate so this year I just made a rainbow chip cake out of the box, and she ate so much and loved it. Sigh. It did make the cake so much easier to make, though, combined with piping buttercream for his fur instead of doing all fondant. (And the fact that the pan is already Elmo shaped.) It only took me maybe an hour to do the entire cake, and compared to at least five or six hours the day of the actual cake making it was nice. :)

I got a couple of pictures of her presents, and then gave up because I wanted to just watch her open her presents.
Emmaline wanted to make Marta a blanket for her birthday.



meg baker said...

I hear you on the cake making thing. I love a fondant cake when looking at it, but it is just so much work. Cole's birthday is next week so I think I'm going with buttercream too so he can just enjoy eating it. I love your blog of your girls. They seem like the best of friends in the whole world. So sweet!

Tori said...

Thanks Megan! The Valentine cupcakes that you made turned out so cute.

Lea said...

Marta's Elmo cake totally kicks Evey's Elmo cake's butt!

Tori said...

Whatever, Evey's was really cute! Your fur looks much more like real fur.