Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lion King!

As part of Emmaline's Christmas present, Grandma got us tickets to see the Lion King. It was really fun, and nice to be able to spend some time with just Emmaline.
I asked this nice couple to take this picture for us, and then they had me take a picture of them, but I accidentally pushed a button on the side of his smart phone and turned it off, and locked it, and all sorts of crazy things with just the push of one button. Oops. :)


Waiting for the bus! (It was in the performing arts center on UT campus, so we were able to just take the bus and not deal with parking, which was nice, and that helped me feel more justified buying the girls souvenirs when we didn't have to spend $12 on parking.)
Oh that sun...


meg baker said...

What cute girls you have. I love presents like that...memories are the best.
Yes, I do use my cake cricut for paper. I bought a expressions blade and a paper sticky mat (i'm sure their is more technical terms sorry). They aren't too spendy on amazon I think. It works fantastic. I have yet to try cutting vinyl with it, but I'm tempted. The cricut cartridge for cupcake wrappers is a 'lite' which means it works fine, but it doesn't have as many options. Honestly I'm delighted with the options so it is so cool! Have you found any tips to use your cake cricut for actual cake making? Any tips are always welcomed by me. It is a tricky thing.

Tori said...

That is such a good idea. I think I'll do that. It is tricky...I've found a good gum paste recipe that works well, and have occasionally mixed fondant and gum paste, but mainly just do the gum paste. This is the web-site if you want the recipe.