Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So I normally wouldn't consider this to be post worthy, but I'm bored and don't want to get off the couch, and am tired of looking at the same pictures on my blog, and happened to have a couple of cute ones.
Emmaline started a fever on Saturday, which was pretty high(103.7), or at least higher than I'm comfortable with, so we gave her some meds for the fever and she rested, but by Sunday morning it was back at 103.7 again, so we decided to take her into a walk-in clinic and lo and behold she has influenza. (I was suspicious of pneumonia again, so I was at least glad it wasn't that.) The sad thing is, though, that she got immunized with the flu-mist at her 7yr check-up, but it was about a week and a half before this, and apparently it takes at least two weeks for it to become effective. Next year we will be getting flu shots sooner! They got her set up with some Tamiflu, and she's been resting and recuperating since then.  (Sadly, the first picture was not even when Emmaline was sick. We just hang out in our pajamas a lot.)
I made them each little nests to rest in, and set Emmaline's up on the couch, and Marta's up on the chair so that we could try and keep them apart and keep Marta from getting sick. (She did get a really low-grade fever for a night and a day, but her test came back negative, so so far so good.)
By today, though, I caught both girls snuggled up on the couch together. Oh well, I suppose we're in such close contact here anyway if she's going to be exposed she probably has already.
I put both of these pictures in, since Marta looks drunk in one, and Emmaline looks drunk in the other.

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Editt said...

Wow its been a while since I've popped over here. I hope your girls are feeling better....considering its January. ;) I'm glad you made changes on your blog because I've been meaning to, too. Now I have a new place to get ideas from. Thanks!