Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pics from my phone

 So here are a few pictures that I finally got off my phone.

Aunty Lea got us some bacon bandaids.
New cow shoes from my Aunt.

This was in the motel on the last day of our trip to Oregon. We were flying out early the next morning, and we were exhausted and starving and the only food close to us was at this bar next door, so Grandpa went and got us some take out meals while we waited in the motel and the girls devoured them and then crashed.
I like that Marta is taking advantage of the fact that Emmaline is not paying close attention to her food.

First pigtails!

Poor little sick Marta.
Yay! Now we just need a fancy frame. And a wall to put it on. :)
First tooth gone!

After the Primary program this last Sunday.

I was just about to get onto Emmaline for not doing her school work, but before I said anything I happened to look down and see this. Sigh...I guess a little break is okay. (She isn't asleep, they were just watching a movie.)

This was apparently the only safe place to play angry birds without Marta knocking everything down.
So cute!


Amanda said...

I really do love your family. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Tori said...

Thanks Amanda! You guys are great, too!