Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trunk-or-Treat 2012

When Emmaline decided she was going to be Snow White for Halloween I told her we should dye her hair black, and she was appalled at the idea. Then today as we were grocery shopping she decided she might want to try it, so we got the spray-can kind, and she loved it. She wanted to spray her hair again when we go to Oregon for Christmas, but I don't think that's the look I want her to have on the airplane. 

Royce was trying to entertain Marta before they could start going around getting candy, but Marta was thinking, why do I need to walk around? We have a big bowl of candy right here. The only safe place for it was on his head.


Reianna Cambridge said...

So cute! I wish she had worn that for the party.

Reianna Cambridge said...

I mean Marta. Emmaline was fabulously dressed for the party!

Tori said...

Thanks! I know, she was just a crazy little thing for the party, but when we got ready for the trunk or treat she was totally fine with the costume. Eh, almost 2yr olds. :)