Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey, hey! I would end all life on this planet if it would get me out of learning fractions.

So looking through the pictures on this post, apparently all we do is sit around and read books, but I promise that's really not the case. Maybeour life has been boring enough the past couple of months that's all I take pictures of. (Just's actually been kind of crazy the past couple of months, I just haven't been very good about taking pictures lately.)

This is Emmaline reading with her dolls that were her combined reward for 400/500 books. (We decided it was kind of a big thing for just the 400 mark, so she decided she wanted to wait and combine it for both. They're just the knock-off brand, but you get 6 dolls for $20.) The problem is it takes me too long to get her rewards because I'm a slacker. She's already at 523, and I just got her her dolls today.
 I've had this picture for a while, but haven't posted it because there's a little too much underwear, but it's just too cute not to put it in. Sorry 16yr old Emmaline.

 Daddy's Birthday! We kept it pretty low-key, but only because that's how he likes it. We went out to dinner, and then we came home and had Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. (From Costco.:)) We got him some shoes, but ended up returning them because Grandpa came the next day and got him some nicer shoes from Grandma and Grandpa.
 Marta, Marta, Marta. She's so cute. Every time one of us sits on the floor, she comes up and sits down with us. She hardly ever will sit with me on the couch, but loves the floor.
 The day after Daddy's birthday, Grandpa came into town! We had a lot of fun, but I didn't get hardly any pictures. But these girls could not get enough of Grandpa. 

 Grandpa fell asleep after a 3am flight, and Emmaline sat and watched him for a while until he woke up.

 I came and sat on the floor to take a picture of Marta doing something cute, and she got right up and sat over with me.
 She set up this little station all by herself.

 The basket has been a really popular spot lately. Emmaline pulls Marta around in it, and Marta says, "Weee!"

 Cute girls!

90% of the time when I look at Marta when she's sleeping her cute little bum is sticking up in the air. So funny. 

I guess that's all...we just got some new swimsuits, and a tube for Marta, and we're going to hit the pool a lot  this summer. I suppose that's it. 


Lea said...

Ahh, the girls look like they get along so well.

Jenny said...

Cute pictures :) How's the job searching coming along?