Monday, April 9, 2012

300th Book Party

We've been keeping a little chart on our door that keeps track of how many books Emmaline has read, and for every hundred that she reads she gets a special treat, and she decided that for her 300th book she wanted a party, so we had a party! It was pretty low-key. We had some snacks, made some little bunnies, and then the kids just played. It went pretty well, but around the last hour or so they started to get a little cooped up, but luckily Royce came home around then and entertained them with some magic tricks and balloon games. 

 Dirt Cake! 
 The kids were a little freaked out when I took a fork and ate some "dirt" out of our flower pot centerpiece. 

Magic tricks. 



Reianna Cambridge said...

Ben is convinced that Royce is a real magician and can do real magic. Even Josh can't compete with that!

meg baker said...

Don't you love good men that come home and entertain the kiddos. I offer up Tad to do all sorts of entertaining. My favorite it balloon animals. I should have him work on some magic tricks...genius! Way to go Emmaline for reading 300 books. That is so awesome!

Tori said...

Yeah, Royce had showed Emmaline his magic tricks a couple of days before, and she went nuts. She really wanted him to do them at the party, and he came home at just the right time. :)