Friday, March 9, 2012

The man hates pants...

 Here is Marta eating bacon for the first time. I think she's a fan.

 Emmaline decided she wanted to try reading her first chapter book. She can read it all, but I'm not sure if the comprehension is there like it is with the other books she reads, but she's determined to finish it!
 Sigh...Marta "insists" on feeding herself with her spoon occasionally. It's almost always a guaranteed bath, but she really enjoys it. (This is the beginning of the feeding by the way. I should have taken one of the end.)

Track is done! Yay!! No more early Saturdays. Emmaline had a lot of fun, but she was also starting to have problems with her legs, and starting to get shin splints from practice, so that's just one more reason to be glad that it's over. 

(Again, sorry to those of you on Facebook. This is pretty much exactly the same, but I just have no desire to  think of all new things. :))

Videos of my pantsless baby. 

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