Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marta's 1st Birthday

Marta turned one last Tuesday, but since Royce and I were sick we didn't get a chance to celebrate her birthday until today. It was pretty low-key. She kind of opened presents, and then we sang her happy birthday, Emmaline blew out the candle and we had cake. Pretty easy and fun! 

 This is the only picture I got with one of her presents, but she was really excited when she saw this book from Aunty Lea and Uncle Mike. 

Yeah, she was not interested in eating cake at all. I thought we had gotten her all excited about cake, and she would even kind of repeat the word cake back to us, but when the time came I don't think she even had one bite. She's definitely Royce's child.   

Here's her finished cake. I thought I was choosing a simple design when I made it so it would be easy, but it was still more time consuming than I was planning. 

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Cricut Cake? And fondant. This is Emmaline's 2nd birthday cake, before I got into fondant. I really don't have any kind of talent with buttercream. We have fought and it has won. (Look at her chubby, cute little face.)


Lea said...

Thanks for sharing, glad she likes the book.

meg baker said...

I love to see the progression of cake making don't you? Marta's cake is adorable. I love my cake cricut too! Your girls are growing up so quickly and they are darling!

Amanda said...

That cake is so professional looking! All of your cakes turn out great. I am excited to see what the cupcakes look like this Wednesday!

Editt said...

Wow! That looks amazing. Great job! I'm still scared of fondant. I should've taken lessons from you before I left. Oh well. You can teach me when Jarom and Emmaline get married. :)

Tori said...

Thanks guys! Editt, it's a plan. :)