Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random Pics

This Sunday was Emmaline's Primary presentation so we got all dressed up. And it's close enough to Christmas to bust out the Christmas dresses!
We also got Emmaline some new clothes which she really needed. This is her favorite new shirt and she wanted me to take a picture of it. (Also notice my messy living room. The sad thing is that this is nothing compared to what it is sometimes.)
Should I be proud or embarrassed that my 6yr old walks around quoting the Simpsons? We really are selective of the ones we let her watch, I promise. Today's quote: "Ahh! A bear is eating my father." (Brownie points if you know what she's talking about.

Poor Royce; I didn't mean for this picture to be at the bottom of my post. He just got back from a conference in Florida last night, and he and his professor wrote a paper together that they presented, and they won the best conference proposal for the whole conference! It was really exciting. Frink out.