Monday, October 31, 2011


It has been so long since I've put anything up on blogger, and after these pictures I'm still not even close to caught up(trip to Oregon, Emmaline's birthday, etc), but I guess I'll just do a little bit at a time. These are mainly Halloween and the ward trunk-or-treat last Wednesday.

This is Royce at a conference in Park City while we were at the trunk-or-treat. We missed him, but his conference went really well.
This is Emmaline's play-dough Earth that she made for school time. (We were working on identifying the continents. South America is not quite to scale.:))
So cute.

"Look, Daddy's graduating!" (But not really.:))


Lea said...

Love the curls and the antennas! Happy Halloween :)

Jenny said...

Cute! Your little girls look so grown up (probably since you don't update your blog very often, haha)