Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friends and 4mo Stats!

This is Emmaline's little friend *cough-future husband-cough* Jarom. Normally she has a couple of other friends over at the same time, but last Friday everyone was out of town, so it was just Jarom and Emmaline so I had to steal a pic. He and his wonderful family are moving tomorrow, and we're so sad, but happy that they get to move forward.
In this pic are more of the cute little friends that Emmaline has, who are moving at the end of the summer! We're so sad to be missing all of these sweet little boys, but are glad that we've gotten to have so much fun with everyone.
I have a deal with Emmaline that for every serious picture that I get, she gets to have a silly one.
And here's our cute little Marta girl. I keep getting in trouble because I don't have more pictures of Marta, but the batteries in my camera are dying, and I have just enough time to get one picture before the battery dies, so this is it for now. :) She was sitting up so cute and smiling at me, and I'm just awful at getting good pictures. But she had her 4mo check-up today, and she's doing great. She was 90% for weight, 90% for head circumference, off the chart for height, but is the same height as an average(50%) 8mo old. Yikes! She's doing great though, and her heart murmur might be gone, she rolled over for the first time this weekend, and has started solid food and loves it!

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Editt said...

They are so cute! I admit it breaks my heart a little to see them together and now we are so far away :( You can visit anytime though :) Thanks for taking care of my boys.