Saturday, May 7, 2011


Wow, it's been a busy few weeks. Royce's birthday, Easter at Nana and Papa's, egg hunt with friends around the apt complex, Grandpa visiting, Marta's blessing, Mother's day, and even a video of smiles from Marta's new toy. Here's the pics; I'm sure you can figure out what pic goes with each event. (I find that I type much less when I only have one hand.)

These are my beautiful Mother's day flowers. They accompanied danishes for breakfast, a gallon of BlueBell chocolate brownie fudge ice cream, and a clean kitchen and living room! It was awesome.

Emmaline took this picture.

This is what Emmaline does to my hair at night when I'm not paying attention. Maybe that's why I just cut 14 1/2" off!
I really did get another picture of Grandpa, but it's on the other computer right now.

Emmaline has some serious issues with taking pictures in the sun.

I gave Emmaline the cake below and she spent a ton of time piping it. The top row of her piping is a bunch of tiny dots.


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