Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Pics!

Such a cutie pie!

I cut 14 1/2" off for Locks-o-Love.
Royce found a really good deal online and got me a Cricut Cake for my birthday!!! It was awesome. This was the first cake I decorated with it.
Lol...I have no words.
Emmaline wanted to take a pic of Daddy while we were Skyping. Royce had a networking conference in Virginia that turned out to be a really good thing.
Sweet little girls!

I let Emmaline sleep with me while Royce was gone; can you guess where I slept?
Hanging out with Daddy!


meg baker said...

Hey Tori- I got a cake cricut too! Aren't you loving it. It has taken me a few youtube videos to figure out the best stuff to use in it, but man it is awesome. I think it is so fun that you are into cake decorating too. It is such a blast. Your family is so cute too.

Tori said...

Thanks! It is really fun to have. I've only tried gum paste and fondant so far, but I'm having much more luck with the gum paste. I was just looking at your blog and our babies were born pretty close again! Marta was born Feb 21. It was fun looking at your blog, and great to hear from you!

meg baker said...


Here is the YouTube video I found about how to make your own gum paste. It is pretty detailed so it is good to watch. It is a three part video. I hope you find it helpful. It is so much cheaper to make your own gum paste and it seemed to work great too. I think I might be getting a pasta machine to roll it out super thin for my birthday. I'm so excited I sound like a 5 year old hehe. Your girls are so cute. Aren't you just loving the new baby. This baby I'm really loving. He is super sweet (not that they all haven't been), but I'm just learning to take the time to love him better. Let me know how this works for you!

meg baker said...

If you just want to search I searched gum paste and electronic cutter. The videos are of Linda McLure. She is the bomb!