Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random January and More Christmas

These are just some random pictures that we've taken lately. (Mainly Emmaline. :)) Not too much new is happening...Royce is working on his last semester of coursework before he starts his dissertation. Emmaline and I are just hanging out and waiting for this baby to come. Four more weeks from tomorrow! I think we're all ready, but I seem to be going in manic cleaning modes lately. Well, as manic as I can be right now. Anyway, I guess that's all. Frink out.

Finally getting rid of our poor gingerbread house that has been sitting on our table for the last 2 1/2 months.

Dancing with the doll she got for Christmas from Sharon and Carlos.

My poor little slave worker girl; my Mom says I work her too much. But she's such a cheerful little thing, and loves to help. She already unloads the dishwasher (along with other chores), but lately she's wanted to help me wash the dishes too, so we each have our own sink and I wash the pots and pans and she rinses the dishes before they go into the dishwasher. It's actually really helpful, not just something you let them do because they want to help. She's such a sweetheart.

Emmaline's creation. (And picture.)
Emmaline's picture of Daddy losing his mind. We're pretty sure he won't go postal before he's finished with school, but not positive. :)

My Sister also put some more pictures up on her blog from Christmastime, and she takes much cuter pictures, so I'll put some up here too so you can see some good pictures.

This is our whole family minus poor Uncle Mike. He was taking the picture, and this was the morning before we opened presents and Lea got Mike a tripod for his camera for Christmas, so we were going to take another picture after we opened presents with his tripod, and we just never got it done. One of these days we'll get a picture with everyone. (My sister Lea is also pregnant...she's due one week after I am.)

Aunty Lea, Mazy and Grandpa.

Uncle Mike and Mazy.

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