Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas in New Braunfels

Here are some pictures from Christmas. My family all came out to Texas and we stayed at a timeshare my parents have that is about 45min away from where we were. It was really fun, and a good week, but these seem to be the only pictures that I have. Most of them are from when we went to the children's museum, and then some that Royce took while we were opening presents, but I didn't get any of the rest of the week, and it was a VERY busy week. All really fun things, and super cool, but I was so exhausted every night. I don't seem to have very much strength/stamina/energy. It seems to be getting worse, I can't do anything, I'm feeling pretty yucky, and I've decided I'm ready to be done. :) But, only 6 more weeks, and then we get to have little fingers and toes, and cute little bundles to snuggle. February 21st at 7:00am! And Emmaline is just about to spontaneously combust waiting for the baby to come. She loves watching the baby shows on TLC, and every time she sees a picture of a baby she just goes nuts and says I can't wait for the baby to get out!

He's so stinking cute. And wonderful. I don't talk about Royce very much on my blog, and I think he might prefer it that way, but he's so wonderful! He takes such good care of us, and is so sweet and wonderful.

The big present that my parents got Emmaline was a bike, and she was really nervous to ride it at first, but once we got her on there and convinced that she wasn't going to fall off, she had a lot of fun. We even talked her into riding down a little hill the other night. :)

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Editt said...

I love Emmaline! She is such a doll. I especially love the picture where she is going cross-eyed. :) We need to have a bike riding party. Jarom needs to use his more.