Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Wesley! (And pregnancy stuff.)

It's official! Emmaline loves Princess Bride now. It was on the other night, and Royce told her that Buttercup was the princess, and Wesley was going to go save her, and she was completely mesmerized, and wants to watch that movie all the time now, and last night she popped out from behind the couch like this and said, "I'm Wesley!" Now she's making Wesley masks for everyone to wear at Christmas, so watch out family, get ready to wear some masks. She specifically mentioned Grandma first, and said she wanted to get a picture with her (she?) and Grandma wearing their masks. She's also made all of us adventure books for when we go to the zoo. :)

At my last check-up they tested me for gestational diabetes as is routine at that visit, and a normal glucose level is 140 or below, and mine was 215, so they started me on the gestational diabetic diet, and I had to do the 3hr fasting test. Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as the doctor thought it would be. They draw your blood 4 times, and if you get 190 or higher on at least 2 of the tests you're considered to have gestational diabetes, and two of mine were normal, and one was 194, and one was 188, so my doctor said I have borderline gestational diabetes, which means I don't have to go to the endocrinologist, but they have started me on some medicine and I stick with the diet, and I'll do a fasting blood test with every appointment from here on out. But all things considering I thought that was a pretty good outcome, because the doctor thought for sure I'd have it pretty bad, and this is much more manageable. And the medicine I started I take gradually because it takes your body a while to adjust to it, and it's supposed to give me horrible diarrhea, but even that can't stop my constipated colon. Muhahahahha. So that's nice that that's not happening. The diet has been a bit of a struggle; I'm realizing that I'm such an emotional eater, and I seem to need that occasional binge on sweet stuff to handle stress or worry, but I can't, so I've noticed that I'll start crying over the dumbest things, but I think it's just because my emotions are all bottled up. Hmmm...I might have to work on that. Anyway, I guess that's all. The baby is doing well and looks healthy, so that's the point of all of this craziness anyway! Unfortunately I think I've decided I'm done being pregnant now, though. It's good Christmas is coming because I think I'm going to need some major distractions for the next couple of months.

Here are some belly pictures...this one is like 4 or 5 months? I don't remember when I took it. Oops. :)

This one I took this morning, so about 7 1/2ish months? I'm not sure why I didn't put my face in...I didn't think about that until after I put them on the computer. Oh well!


Lea said...

You look great headless, not suppose to be an insult. We'll have to measure to see who's got the bigger belly, I'm pretty sure I have you beat. Isn't it nice when someone writes on your blog.

Jenny said...

I love Emmaline, can I keep her? Your belly is so cute - it makes me want to be pregnant again...almost :)

Warrior Princess said...

so cute!!! i can barely read your blog...but i love what you wrote! when are you coming home?? can i visit?

Editt said...

I love Emmaline! I've missed that girl. I am so serious when I say that Jarom has to marry her. I want to take her with me. Good luck with all the gestational diabetes stuff. I'm with you on the emotional eating thing. Being deprived of sugar was extremely challenging BUT (I can say this since I'm done with it all) all the growth and strength I gained from it was worth it. Good luck! When we no longer have snotty noses, we need to have a play date.

Tori said...

Thanks everybody! Emmaline is a pretty cute little thing. And I do plan on she and Jarom getting married. :)
Kelda! Of course you can always come see us! But as you've probably figured out by now everyone came out here to Texas again for Christmas. If you ever want to take a really long road trip...:) But definitely the next time we're in Oregon you have to come visit us!