Thursday, October 7, 2010

Emmaline's Birthday!!!

Our sweet little Emmaline turned 5!! Her birthday was on Thursday, and it turned out to be a pretty good day. We started out by taking her out to breakfast; she picked McDonald's. Then we dropped Daddy off at work and she and I went to the playground for playgroup for a couple of hours. Then we rented her a movie from RedBox, came home and watched cartoons together, got ready, picked Daddy up from work, at Macaroni and Cheese for dinner, then got ready for her party. This is the first year that we had a party for her with friends and not just family, and it was really fun. We went out to the little playground by the apartment complex, and we ate cake and ice cream, and the kids played with bubbles and played on the playground, and it was just a nice quiet little evening. Then we came home and she opened presents and she and I watched her movie while Daddy did homework, then the power went out so we went to bed. :) But it was still really fun, and we only missed a little bit of the end of the movie. All in all she had a really good birthday, and is such a happy, sweet little girl!

Right after she blew out her candles.
Blowing out her candles. can see a little bit of my belly bump in the pic. I just noticed that.
Hanging out with Daddy waiting for Mommy to finish wrapping presents. (I know, I didn't get them wrapped until after her party. It was a crazy week. :) )
Playing at the playground with some of her friends. It was hard to get a good picture; the sun was almost set and they were not holding still. :) But I think they had lots of fun together.

This is the cake that she decorated for her birthday. She had a lot of fun and did everything by herself.

This is her Rapunzel cake for this year. It definitely took some time, but surprisingly it didn't take as much time/effort as her Monsters Inc cake last year. But she liked it, and I was happy with how it turned out, so all in all it went well. My purple fondant did dry out so the ruffles in the front are cracked a little, but at that point I didn't really care too much. The colors are backwards too for the Rapunzel dress, but Emmaline wanted it pink instead of purple, so there ya go.
Aunty Lea got her some princess Uno cards, and Mazy colored her a picture, and both were great. It surprised me how cute Emmaline thought it was that Mazy colored her the picture, and Uno was perfect because she just learned how to play Uno the other day at "school" and has loved it ever since, so it was really great.
This is her new dress-up dress that Royce and I got her. As an added bonus she said she wanted to wear it for Halloween, so that's cool. I've been going a little crazy trying to find her a good costume, and here this one came out of the blue. We also got her some playdough and spongebob games.

My parents spoiled her like crazy again this year, and I actually video taped it this time, and I uploaded it to youtube because it was too big for blogger, so if you want to watch her open her gifts you can go to the link. (Sorry Aunty Lea, I didn't think about recording it until after she had already opened your gift.) And next weekend we're going to Nana and Papa's and she'll get to have another little party there, so she's a lucky little girl!

Okay, here's the link for the video, assuming that I uploaded it right, and didn't mess something else up. But you know what assumptions do. :)


Lea said...

Your cake looked AWESOME! Glad Emmaline had a fun day, we miss you guys!

Warrior Princess said...

since you're having a girl in feburary if it's on the 7th you should put my name in there somewhere since she'll be sharing my bday!!! and i want to see more baby bump pics!!! :) love you! you're such a great mom!!

Tori said...

Thanks K- love you too! And hopefully she won't come around the 7th...she still needs to cook for a few more weeks after that. :)