Friday, August 6, 2010

We've Almost Made It!

So we've almost made it through the first trimester! My progesterone level was low and so I had to take some replacement hormones, and that was awful. I was so sick all the time. All I did was go to Church, buy groceries, and sort the laundry and Royce and Emmaline did all of the rest. Royce was amazing. He did all of the cooking, the cleaning, washing the laundry, and he waited on me hand and foot, and was just always so happy to help, and tried to help me feel better. (On top of working 30hrs a week and going to school and all of the projects his professors have him doing.) He made Edward look like an insensitive jerk. :) And Emmaline picked up a lot more responsibilities, and did really well and enjoyed helping so now she's got her own little chore chart, with stickers, and ice cream rewards.
Anyway, this last week I've been able to slowly taper off my medicine, and my doctor called today and said that my levels look good, so I can stop taking the medicine! It's awesome. I'm already feeling so much better just being on less medicine. I'm still feeling a little sick, but it's totally manageable. So yeah! And I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow, so we're about to say goodbye (and good riddance) to the first trimester, and I'm starting to feel happy and excited about being pregnant again. And a special thanks to everyone who helped watch Emmaline too, and get her out of the house, and thanks for all of the offers too. Even if we didn't take you up on it, we really appreciate it, and are so glad that we have such a great support system here, and some great friends!

And these pictures don't really have much to do with the post, but I thought they were pretty cute. I'm still undecided about how I feel about her playing video games, but Royce is careful with what she plays, and it's a fun thing for them to do together, and they're just so cute!


Carol Kimmons said...

So glad you don't have to take meds anymore! And even more glad that you're feeling better! I'm so excited for y'all!!!!!!

Tori said...

Thanks Carol, we appreciate it!