Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oregon Trip

So we went to Oregon in June, and I'm just now getting a post up about it. I brought my camera, I really did, but this is the only picture that we got from Oregon. Emmaline took it of the living room from the upstairs balcony, but I was so paranoid about her dropping the camera off the edge I made her hurry really fast so it's all blurry. Luckily my sister brought her camera, and actually took pictures, so I stole the rest of the pictures from her blog. She also has a couple of cute videos from our trip too, one of Emmaline feeding a calf. Here's here blog if you would like to see them: Mike and Lea

This is almost all of the family. My mom is taking the picture, and obviously Royce isn't there, but this is the rest of us. This was the day that we decided to go hiking. My mom has a spot that she likes to hike to a lot, but it was still snowed in too much for us to get on the trail, so this is just a little trail that started off behind a rest stop off 140. (Meadow Lake)Blah, that's so annoying. I don't know why it's blue and underlined. Anyway, this is Uncle Will and Aunt Marissa with Emmaline. You have to admit, it's some beautiful scenery!

This is my Aunt Gabbie helping Emmaline feed one of the calves on their ranch. It's where I learned how to ride horses when I was little, and everything else that goes with that. This was a box that my mom had saved for the grandkids for 6 months waiting for them to come. I think it was probably worth the effort.
Little stinker. We were nearing the end of our hike (I guess it was kind of a long hike for little legs) and Emmaline wanted a little ride, and Mazy was done being carried, so Lea decided it would be easiest if she put Emmaline in Mazy's pack. Silly girl.
This is Aunty Lea and Uncle Mike and Mazy.
Uncle Mike and Mazy!

Mazy "trying" to ride my mom's Great Pyrenees Dali.
Mazy was not shy around the horses. We had to be careful because Gabbie said that some of them might want to bite little fingers. We couldn't even get Emmaline to touch a horse. (Before Gabbie even said anything about biting horses.) Poor little thing gets pretty nervous around some things. But that's okay. Baby steps to the bus.

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