Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Cake Decorating Links-Revised!

Okay, so here's the right link. And Royce took me through the web-site to make the link shorter, and it's really easy. You go to and then paste the long site and it gives you a new short site.
Here you go! (Man, I say so a lot.)

So after taking a break from cake/gumpaste/etc, I think I'm ready to get practicing again. I've been looking for a while to learn how to make a plumeria, (for you Kelda!) and I found a really great tutorial, and it's pretty basic and I thought I'd post my findings more in case anyone else out there would like to play around with gum paste a little, because everything I know I've learned from watching Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, and research on-line.

Here's the link for the gumpaste plumeria. (Frangipani? I don't know what the difference is, if there is one.)

Wow, sorry, that's ginormous. I'm sure I could turn around and ask Royce how to make that smaller, but, eh. (Darnit, it's the wrong link. But it takes you to her page, and at the bottom is the link for the plumerias.)

Another resource that's been really great is a woman named Edna, and she has great short tutorials on YouTube, that are step by step. Her web-site is:
, or you can search on YouTube for Edna's Cakes.

As I keep finding good sights I'll post them, and have fun!


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