Thursday, February 11, 2010

We're Not Dead

So my little brother called a couple of days ago and said, we hadn't talked to you on the phone in a while, and you haven't posted anything on your blog lately, so we thought we'd call and make sure you're not dead. So no, I'm not dead. Just resting peacefully and glad that there's nothing too big going on to blog about. Well, I have been re-decorating Emmaline's room, but I'm not done so I haven't put any pictures up yet, but I'm trying to just work on it slowly and not go crazy. That's another thing that I'm working on right now is not going crazy and stressing out about projects that I work on, but getting the stuff done that I need to slowly and calmly, and it's been really nice to just kind of relax and do the day to day stuff, and hang out with Royce and Emmaline.
So today I'm posting about a few things that Emmaline has been working on lately. She loves to color, and she loves to draw, and she will spend literally hours working on a picture. She's really meticulous and careful about her drawings. So here are a few that she's done lately.

I love this little's Emmaline and Mommy, and she told me that the flowers along the bottom are dandelions, and the little brown rectangle by the pink flowers is a garbage can, and the other one is a tree. She can almost spell her name by herself, and only needs help with the last 3 or 4 letters. Sometimes she gets all the right letters, they're just not in the right order. She also puts a smiley face at the end of almost anything she writes. It's so cute.
She did such a good job with the colors on this one, and then she decided to draw fire, and informed me that the little girl's foot was in the fire. That's a little disturbing. And the gray circles are smoke. She's kind of been nervous about fire lately, because a few months ago the smoke alarm went off, and it freaked her out so much, (she hates loud noises) so we tried to explain to her what the smoke alarm was and what it was for, but we obviously did a bad job explaining because a few weeks later she told me that she thought flames would come out of the smoke alarm. The red circle on the left with the line through it was where she tried to draw the fire at first, and then didn't like it, and she got really frustrated with it, and circled it and drew a slash through it.

She made some flowers out of her fruit loops one morning. She comes up with all of this stuff on her own. She can make things that I would never have even thought of.

She also likes to take pictures, and as I was going through the camera I found some fun ones that she'd taken, that I didn't even know were on there. So here are some of those.

Honestly, this little guy creeps me out a little. I think his teeth and nose are mini marshmallows, but I don't remember.

More fruit loops.


This is one that she took while Royce was doing his homework. He is so funny when he's focused. We could seriously light a fire on his feet and he wouldn't notice. When I have to tell him something important I have to make sure he really heard me. He gets really embarrassed and apologetic when he realizes that he's been zoning out, but I really do love it. He has some really cute little quirks that I really like. :)

Also, Emmaline's favorite song right now is "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park. Also a little disturbing, but she says that she likes it because it sounds like the song on Veggie Tales. I've yet to figure out which song that is.


Lea said...

Wow, she's growing up quick. I'm impressed with the color matching on the cereal flowers.

Jenny said...

Ha, the fire on the drawing made me laugh. She's getting so big and she's so smart!

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Editt said...

I'm very impressed with Emmaline's coloring and drawing. The fruit loops are so cute. What a wonderful little girl. (Emmaline you will marry Jarom someday)