Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Randomness

I found Royce and Emmaline watching The Prince of Egypt last Sunday like this.

Emmaline printed off this little mustache from the Sesame Street website yesterday, and wanted me to cut it out for her, so I did, and then she came back with her cowboy hat on, and she had gotten some tape and taped the mustache on. I thought it was pretty funny.

We also got a portable dishwasher last week! I love it so much, and so does Emmaline. She loves to unload and load the dishes. It's awesome. But right now she just came in and said, "I just finished unloading the whole thing and you didn't help me! You said it was only going to take you two minute." Hehe. Yikes. I'd better go help her load. :)

I also found this last picture on a friend's blog just a second ago. It snowed last week! It was right at the end of Emmaline's little "school" so all of the kids went outside and played around a little bit. I'm glad that I have friends that are responsible and actually take pictures. :) (Thanks Amanda!)

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