Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wedding Cake

Here's the wedding cake I made for Ronald and Alci's wedding. I have more pictures and more stories, but I told my mom I'd put up a picture for her to see the cake.
This is poor tired Royce after being on his feet for 2 days straight setting stuff up for the reception. This was about a half an hour before the reception started.


Jenny said...

It looks SO good Tori (as in, yummy and pretty)! You're going to make a fortune as a cake boss someday :)

Tori said...

Thanks Jenny. :) You're so sweet. And I can't believe you have another baby! She is so beautiful. Hope things are going well!

Editt said...

I finally saw it :D Amazing! That is so beautiful. Now I want to make up some major occasion so we can see you in action. I am impressed.