Monday, December 14, 2009

Head Band

Here is a little head band that I made for Emmaline to go with her Christmas dress. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, and it came together pretty easily. I got all of the stuff from Hobby Lobby. (Their floral stuff is 50% off right now.) I just got a flower that had a yellow center, and glued the center and put black glitter on it. The headband I found in the wedding section, by the veils, and it was only $1, but it was white, so I took a black permanent marker and colored it. (Royce laughed at me a little when I did this part. :) ) Then I glued the headband and glittered it, and hot glued the flower on. I also trimmed down some of the green part on the bottom of the flower, because it was sticking up a little too much. But for a craft project that I made it turned out pretty well. Emmaline was a patient model for me while I made it and took the picture, so I didn't make her put her Christmas dress on when I took the picture, so that's why she's holding it up.

This last one is just another way Emmaline "organizes" stuff. Silly goose.

On other side notes, she's started giving her toys names, and she named her puppy sprinkles, and her baby Peaches. And she tells me that Peaches is my cousin. Random.

Frink out.


Lea said...

It's super cute - way to go crafty mom. I can't wait to show you her Christmas present. I'm debating if I should email you a picture now.

Anita said...

Very cute! I love Emmalines quirkiness. She is so cute! Have I told you we are officially moving to Texas!! We will be there in April! Can't wait to see you:)

Tori said...

Anita! That is so awesome!!!