Sunday, November 29, 2009


We went to Nana and Papa's for thanksgiving. It was so much fun, and sadly these are the only pictures I took! The kids played really well together. It was really neat to see. We had everyone there except Ross (on his mission) and Ronald and Alci (school at BYU, but we got to skype with them to figure out some more details for the wedding, and to give Alci a chance to meet the rest of the family. We had "met" her on skype a few days before we went down there). It was really fun to see everybody, and do lots of cool things, including planning a wedding reception! It was awesome. Carol and I were like two kids in a candy store. But that's coming up on the 29th (I think?) of December, which is the day before Royce and my anniversary. And I get to make a cake! I'm nervous, because I really want it to look nice. I'm also nervous because I had to order some special fondant cutters to make some of the flowers, and if it takes it a week to get here, then I only have a couple of weeks to make flowers I've never tried before. So hopefully it works! And I need to go do the dishes, then start making some roses!

Haha...this is Daddy trying to deflate the air mattress.

I had to take two of these pictures, because I couldn't get back far enough in the kitchen to get all of the kids in, but this is all of the grandkids on the Kimmons side, minus Lyla, who is just over a year old.

Katie did such a good job taking care of Lyla. She just followed her around and kept her out of trouble.

I took Gina's cake out last week and when we got there for Thanksgiving, she still hadn't cut it! I think part of that might be Papa, but before we left I gave her a little more inspiration to cut open the cake and eat it. I hope it still tasted okay. I've never let a cake sit for a week without eating it!

Finally, today we decorated our apartment for Christmas. Yeah! It was really fun. I love our fake little Christmas tree. :) But here is Emmaline with a couple of her own decorations.

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Lea said...

Looks like fun, I can't believe how old all the kids are getting! I'm super excited to decorate our place this year too, I think we're gonna get a real tree since we won't be going home to OR this year.