Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Stories

Emmaline found my stethoscope the other day, and was checking everyone's heart, and then I found her doing this, and I thought it was really funny, so I took a picture.
Then when I was putting the groceries away yesterday I noticed something funny.

Royce was here like this:

and about 20 feet over in her room, Emmaline was like this:

and I thought to myself, hmm, I'd probably better get used to this. :)

These last pictures are a blanket I made for Royce's brother, who is on his mission in Tacoma, Washington. He said he wanted a warmer blanket for Christmas, so I made him a fleece blanket, and here is Royce and Emmaline testing it to see if it would be warm enough, or if I needed to add another layer. (I really did make them sit down on the couch and put the unfinished blanket on them to see if it would be warm enough.)
I ended up adding a third layer of fleece, and it just sounded like a hassle to tie three layers together, and I had to patch together the front anyway, I decided to just sew it up. I had to patch the front because they only had one yard left in the nice woods print, and they just don't make very much variety for boys in fleece. It was either this or High School Musical. (Okay, there were a few others, but I thought this one looked the nicest, especially with the brown back.) So hopefully he likes it, and it keeps him a little warmer.

I almost forgot. I had the craziest conversation with Emmaline the other day. She had some plastic baby turtles, and sea lions and stuff, and while she was playing this conversation came about.

Me: Emmaline, what are you doing?
Emmaline: I'm cooking babies.
Me: Why are you cooking babies? (With a bit of a shocked tone in my voice)
Emmaline: Don't worry mommy, I'm not going to eat them all; I'm going to share them with my moose.

Yikes! We had watched the Disney movie about the earth the other night, but when it came time for the polar bear/shark/wolf, etc to start hunting the baby animals, we changed the channel so she couldn't see it, but I guess she picked up a little more than we realized. Apparently it wasn't too traumatic for her. That's good...I guess.


Miss K said...

i really miss cutie pa tootie emmaline. and you and royce. emmaline looks like she's grown a ton!!!! love you!

Josh and Jena said...

You guys are so cute. I love the blanket and the cake you make- I'm so impressed. Emmaline sure is an adorable (and beautiful) little girl!