Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Here's some of the stuff that we did to kick off Halloween. I was happy with how the bats and spiders turned out, but I wanted it to be a fun project that Emmaline and I did together,
but it was a little trickier than I had expected, mainly because I ended up using hot glue, so she couldn't/didn't want to do very much. But she still had fun, so I guess it's okay. I got the ideas from family fun, and they've got other cute ideas there too. Here's the link to that web-site. It's where we got the idea for the window decoration too, but we made it a little easier and just used construction paper. Overall it was a pretty cheap craft; I already had the eyes and construction paper, but the rest was just $6. (Obviously there were multiple bats and spiders. :) )


I guess the spiders weren't on the web-site, but they're not hard either. I just used the same amount of feather boa as the bats, and took a pipe cleaner and kept folding it in half until there were eight legs, and glued the boa and eyes on.

This one was a little bit more simple, and Emmaline could glue the eyes on herself, but she still didn't want to cut any out, which surprised me, because she normally likes to cut stuff out.

When I went to take the picture, it wasn't the best time of day, so I just took a different picture for each half.

Here's Emmaline and Daddy carving our pumpkin. I wonder why I can never get a straight face from Emmaline when I'm taking a picture of her. :)

Here are my little Halloween cookies this year. They didn't exactly turn out. It was a different royal icing recipe, and it was really thin, and in combination with trying to frost my cookies when they were still too warm, my little spider webs all fanned out and melted into each other. But, Emmaline liked them and had a lot of fun decorating, so that's what's important. (Even though they frustrate me for not turning out :) )

This was just kind of a random picture. Royce was working on his homework, and eating chips and salsa, so Emmaline pulled her chair up beside him, and they ate chips and salsa together. :) So sweet.


Mike and Lea McEwan said...

Did Emmaline dress up?

Tori said...

Yeah, this was all stuff we did last Monday. I'm actually going to post her costume right now. :)