Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Naps

When we come home from Church on Sunday, Royce and I hang out in the kitchen and cook lunch together (well, most of the time he cooks :) ) but today Emmaline was hanging out in the living room, playing with Royce's books, and when I came in to ask her if she wanted ranch on her salad, I found her like this. It was so funny. She slept for five hours! And when she woke up she crawled over and gave me loves, then she said, "is lunch ready yet?" So funny.

We went through her stuff to possibly piece together a Halloween costume, and this is how she ended up. I wanted to use her old dance costume, and bunny ears from Easter so she could be a bunny, but Royce pointed out that she kind of looked like the wrong kind of bunny. So we'll see. She does have a really cute University of Texas cheerleading outfit that might work.

She took this last picture, and I just thought it was really cute with her little toes sticking up there. (She's taking a picture of the little flowers on her nails.)

Oh! I totally forgot. Emmaline can draw letters now! It came really fast. One day she drew an E, and we got all excited; the next day she drew an A, and then the day after that she started drawing all of these letters. She draws them all in capitols except for the I. (I'm not sure why...maybe it just looks cooler. :) ) It was great. I was excited. :)

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