Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny


So my parents sent Emmaline this Easter bunny, and she opened it, but didn't realize that it moved and sang, and so when we turned it on, she freaked out. She was really scared of it, and wouldn't let us turn it on again, and we even had to move it to the back of the room. Then she kind of warmed up to it a little bit, and wanted to take it with her on our trip, so when we got to the motel I put it on the table facing towards us (not thinking about it) and so Emmaline came back and turned him so he was facing the wall, and not out towards us. It was really funny. Anyway, my parents felt bad that it scared her, (she opened it on a video conference with my parents :) ) but by the time we were at Nana and Papa's house, she warmed up to it, and started singing and dancing with it, so here's the video, that's mainly for my parents :)

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