Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Poor little Emmaline has croup again. She woke up in the middle of the night (well, I guess really early Sunday morning) with that croupy cough, and was having a hard time breathing, so we took her outside (because the cold air decreases the inflammation and helps her breathe) but it's not cold enough in Austin at night! So being outside helped a little, but she was still not doing very well, so we ended up taking her to the Emergency Room. We were there for a long time, (but still not as long as it took to get our oil changed yesterday...3 1/2hrs!) but we got to see the doctor, and they gave her some steroids, so she's doing so much better now. This is the third time she's had croup, but she's doing the best this time, and I think it's because she got the steroids so early. Normally with the cold we can control her breathing a little better, so she doesn't need to see a doctor until around the third day(some kids don't even need to go to the doctor at all with croup, but she seems to:) ), so it makes for much more stressful nights (normally we make a little nest on the floor by the window with the window open, and Royce and I trade off sleeping with her so we can keep an eye on her breathing, and make sure she stays bundled up) but since she got the steroids so early, she hasn't had any trouble with breathing at night, and is doing really well in the day too. (FYI: Croup is a viral infection that inflames the upper airway. It lasts around 3 days, and is worse at night.) So anyway, I'm kind of keeping her quarantined because I really don't want to spread it around. So if you don't see us for a while, that's why! (Well, we're also going to Corpus Christi on Thursday, so that's why too. Another reason I want her to rest a get it done now, so she can play and have fun on the beach.)
But the other reason I wanted to post this is that in the process of going to the hospital we learned that there is a children's hospital in Austin that has opened recently, and I wanted to let our friends in Austin know that. (Maybe you already do :) ) But I guess it's just up I-35 from the Brackenridge Hospital. Because we're from a small town and there is only one hospital there, I wasn't sure where to go, so when we needed to go I vaguely remembered where Brackenridge was, so we went there, but in the course of the 2 1/2 hours that we were there there were three different people who came in in handcuffs with a police escort. And there were quite a few shady characters there, that made me a little nervous. :) I didn't say anything, but the receptionist told us about the children's hospital for future reference, and then the nurse took us to a separate waiting room (which we appreciated) and then the doctor told us about the pediatric hospital too. So that's what I would recommend :) Whew, that was long. :)

Pocahontas is what Emmaline has been watching lately, and last night she slipped her arm out of her shirt, and sat under her "canoe" like Pocahontas does in the movie. I thought it was pretty funny.
I saw this picture from a place that sells cookies, but I posted it for the basket. I thought it was so cute, and it looked really easy to make, so I wanted to get it up in case anyone wants to make one for Easter. But the web-site is http://products.proflowers.com.
And finally this is my sad, sad Easter cake. Blah! It is by far the worst fondant cake that I have made yet. (And that includes my first one, that I baked in a metal bowl :) ) But Royce keeps encouraging me that it's okay to fail sometimes, and that it needs to be a learning experience, so here is my learning experience. :) Luckily, though, I made it for our dinner when the missionaries came over, so I couldn't think of an audience that would care less of what a cake would look like, so I lucked out. And, despite my complaining, I really did gain more insight with this cake. So here you go :)


Dani said...

Poor girl!! Croup is not a fun one for kid or parent. And I can't believe you think that cake looks bad. It looks pretty flawless in the picture. I wish you lived around here... I would hire you to make a cake for Carter's birthday this coming Saturday. By the way, glad you enjoyed making the Easter wreath.

Jenny said...

Aww, hope Emmaline is feeling better! If I tried to make a fondant cake, I bet it would look like a delicious pile of poo - if that's possible. You're too hard on yourself, Miss Tori.