Monday, April 13, 2009

Corpus Christi Ocean Trip

This was at the Texas State Aquarium. It was pretty neat. Emmaline loved the underground Dolphin tank. It was pretty cool down there.
This is from the overlook at the Aquarium, but it shows the beach down by our motel.
Emmaline loved the beach. When we went to the Oregon Coast last year, she got kind of scared of the water, (and we had to wear winter jackets and snow caps:) ) but here she loved it. She ran into the water, and drew circles in the sand, and just had a great time. It was really fun. I even went out and swam a little in the ocean.

Another view from the Aquarium.
Aquarium, and the U.S.S Lexington.
We got to touch the sting rays. It was cool. I was surprised at how much personality they had. They really did like it when people would pet them as they swam past. I wasn't planning on touching them, but Emmaline was afraid and didn't want to, so Mommy needed to show her that it wasn't something that she needed to be afraid of, so I did it first. I also tried some of Royce's fish tacos and swam in the ocean. I was a wild woman.
More Aquarium.
This shark was really creepy...

We did a lot of fun stuff, and Emmaline and I were pretty tired, so Royce let us sleep in and went and got us breakfast so we could have breakfast in bed. He spoils us :)
This is what Emmaline does for fun in a motel room where she can't watch a movie. :)
This is the Whataburger By the Bay. (Whataburger is a fast food restaurant chain for those of you not in Texas :) ) It was pretty neat. It was two stories, and had some really pretty views of the bay.


Lea said...

Looks like a fun trip. Tori you're getting so brave next thing you know you'll be scuba diving with Mike and I. hahaha

Tori said...

Lol...actually, it was kind of weird, but I really wanted to go body surfing. There were some guys who were wind surfing, and that looked pretty cool too, but I doubt I would be strong enough to do it. But probably not the scuba diving. I can barely make it through the car wash without hyperventilating.