Sunday, March 22, 2009


So here is a picture of my sweet sweet babies who went to Wal-Mart with their Mommy at midnight on Friday so she could wait in a line full of crazy girls to buy Twilight.

Here's the line that backed up all the way to the produce section; so many crazy girls all in one place. (I can call them crazy, because I'm standing in the same line :) )

Here's my sign that I made. I'm in the Young Women's again, and as leaders we work on Personal Progress too, so I decided to make a sign for our bedroom. At first I was worried about the project not taking ten hours to make, and then I started making it, and I had plenty of extra hours. I found the font on-line, and printed it off, and cut it out with a razor blade, then traced it onto the board (I had already painted it) then painted the letters. It was kind of crazy, but I'm happy that it turned out so well. One of the main reasons I decided to make it was because I couldn't find a board that had the right sentiment; Annie's song is our wedding song, and the forever is pretty self explanitory :) So this was to be this grand symbol of our love, which wasn't the best idea, because it's a little too crazy to get so emotionally attached to a project :) I had to keep re-painting, and re-tracing until it was perfect; I even gave myself a blister trying to cut out the letters as perfectly as I could :)
Also as a side note, Carol made some really cute boards for the kids' rooms for Christmas, and she ordered the letters online, so if you want to make one, that's the rout I would take :) If I didn't need the hours for my project, I would have ordered them. Well, honestly, if I made another one, I might still order the letters, and pick something else for a project :) So here's the link to the web-site, if any of you want it.


Princess Mema said...

Nice work on the sign. I think Annie's song has to be one of the most romantic songs ever written. I like how you combined the line from the song with the forever sentiment. Very nice!

Miss K said...

tori, you are so adorable!!! i miss you so much! and royce and emmaline look amazing at jealous! lol.

Tori said...

Lol...that's because we're always awake at midnight...our bedtime is normally around 2-3am :)

Reianna Cambridge said...

You crazy night-owls. It's a good thing Emmaline(sp?) likes to stay up late too. Did you get what you wanted?

Tori said...

Yeah, we did :)(And you got Emmaline right :))