Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Dress

I'm on a search to find a cute Easter dress for Emmaline. Does anyone know of a good place to look? Let me know if you guys have found anything...I'm trying to find her a blue one, because it's her favorite color, but I'm not finding much, so maybe I won't be so picky :)


Reianna Cambridge said...

Try Dillards or JC Penny at the mall(do you know where the mall is...if not I can show you or go with you). They always have tons of dresses. I don't shop for dresses much but I think those might be good places(they might be a litle pricey though...)

The Thorley Family said...

I love Children's Place for affordable cute dresses - if you can go to the outlets, they're even cheaper but usually not too bad in the store either. The best part is that they usually have quite a selection and it's not all just pink!

Tori said...

That sounds like a good place to start...thanks you guys!