Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dancing and Glasses

Daddy got new glasses! Well, I suppose new implies that he used old ones. He hasn't worn glasses since freshman year of college, but I was able to talk him into getting his eyes checked, and while we were waiting for his glasses to come in, he's been telling me all of the things he couldn't see before. Yikes! Maybe I should have driven more often :) Anyway, I really like his glasses; I think they look great on him. Although the idea of him being even better looking as he goes out amongst the college girl population makes me want to say grrrr.

Emmaline started a little dance class at the YMCA. I couldn't help myself, and had to get her a little dance costume. (Well, mostly new. Her tights were an old pair that I cut the feet off and sewed the little flowers on the bottom, and my mom had bought her the little skirt last year just to play with. So I didn't splurge too much. Just the leotard and the shoes.)

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Matt, Sarah and Evan said...

What a cutie girl! You did a great job with the tights - super cute!