Monday, March 30, 2009

Birds Nests, Pregnant Aunts, and Sleeping Death

We made bird nest cookies for FHE treats. Now we begin the countdown for Easter :)
I came in and she had all of her movies out like this...I don't know, another one of her OCD moments :)

This one cracked me up so much. She was standing up in the living room eating an apple, and then she said, "I feel cold..." and she laid out on the floor and let the apple roll a couple of inches away. It was so funny. (Just like when Snow White eats the poison apple, if you haven't seen that movie in a while :) )
And here's one of Daddy waking Emmaline up for Church :)
Here's one of Aunty Lea 8mo pregnant. (34 weeks to be exact.) I wish I looked like that 8mo pregnant. Little stinker :)


Miss K said...

lea is so cute!!! so is emmaline and royce, but i always say that. how do i get a hold of lea? i want to talk to you!

Summer said...

Holy cow, Lea is so TINY! How exciting that she's getting so close!