Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Pictures from Christmas

Mike and Lea sent me some more pictures from Christmas. Luckily someone is responsible enough to take pictures :) These are from Christmas Eve...we all thought it was pretty funny that we were swimming on Christmas Eve. It was great :)
Aunty Lea and Uncle Mike.
Grandma and Emmaline

We also went to the children's museum, and that was a lot of fun. Emmaline loved it; there was so much to do. And there were six of us adults following her around, showing her new stuff to try.

Well, maybe five adults and two kids. Just kidding :) Aunty Lea was the only one skinny enough to sit on the "horse" without breaking it. :)

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Miss K said...

you guys are so adorable!!! i love you all and miss you! how is it that lea is STILL skinny with a baby in the belly? we need some pics of the belly, or i just wont believe it. lol. love you toad!