Thursday, February 19, 2009

Christmas Pics Continued

Here's another from the children's museum. They had a little "hospital" set up, and Emmaline loved it in there, because of the babies. It took a lot of convincing to get her to put the baby back so she could go play in the rest of the museum. She loves babies. :)
This was back at the timeshare rental. Grandma and Grandpa got Lea and Mike a new pack for when their baby comes. This is Aunty Lea around 5mo pregnant.
Apparently we were all pretty tired. The only ones awake were Lea and Emmaline. (It's not Emmaline on the floor beside me; it's a doll she got for Christmas, but when I fell asleep she put her blanket on me, and put her dolly beside me, and a blanket on the dolly. She's such a sweetheart :) Every time Royce falls asleep, she always gets him a toy to sleep with, and wraps him up in a blanket :) )

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