Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Pics

Playing Battle of the Sexes with my parents and Lea and Mike. Emmaline had a little too much fun.
Here's another pic of the vacation rental. It was really nice :)
Here's the kitchen in the time share. My dad loved the wood, and the ceiling is a lot like the tongue and groove that my dad does.
Emmaline feeding Lexie her bone.

Daddy programming Lexie, Emmaline's new talking dog.
At the timeshare watching Kung-Fu-Panda with Daddy and her new doll. It's so lifelike. Curse you plastic moldsmen.
Playing with Cody at Nana and Papa's house. Cody wasn't very thrilled about having his picture taken.
Emmaline loves baby Lyla.
We train 'em young.
Aunty Gina takes good care of us.

I didn't take very many pictures over Christmas :) I was having too much fun, or sleeping, so I'll put the few that I have up, and then wait to get some pictures from people who were more responsible. We spent the first weekend of the vacation with Royce's family, and then my parents drove out to San Marcos and Lea and Mike flew down, and we spent a week in their time-share, and then we spent the next week back with Royce's family.
Also while we were at Royce's parent's we had our four year anniversary so we left the little one there, and we got to spend the night in College Station. It was so nice! We went to dinner and a movie, and a little shopping, and the next morning Royce snuck out early and brought me back flowers and dougnuts. (He always does that for my birthday or our anniversary.) I was really spoiled. It was wonderful. It was our first date since we came down to Texas. Unless you count the week before when we were with my parents and they took Emmaline with them to the grocery store. The poor boy even had to watch twilight, because there was nothing else good at the theater. But we actually both liked it, and I have to admit that if it had come out when I was in high school, or really before I met Royce, I probably would have been pretty obsessed with it. But now I have Royce, so I don't really need movies like that any more.

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The Smiths said...

Tori, you're so cute - POST MORE PICTURES, WOMAN! Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas, when do you think you'll visit Klamath again? It's going to be years before I see you again, isn't it? Welp, smell ya later!