Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Tree!!!!!

I've been on the search for a fake Christmas tree for about a month, and I bought one about two weeks before Thanksgiving, and I finally got to put it up! It took a lot of self control to not put it up before Thanksgiving.

Here's a few more decorations...I guess we'll be eating on the couch until January :)
So besides decorating for Christmas, I've decided that I need to fix Emmaline's room up a bit. It's kind of become the storage room, and I wanted to make it a little nicer place for her to play. So for starters, I wanted to get her bed up off the floor. We've had it on the floor because she rolls all over at night, and the floors in our apartments are tile, but she slept in a bed at Royce's parents house, and stayed in just fine. So on the drive home (Saturday) when Royce was asleep, I planned her room in my mind, and I got so excited about it, that I couldn't wait until Monday to go get her a bed (or plywood and cinder blocks :) )
so I took some food storage cans, and cardboard and made her a little makeshift bed. You might be a redneck if... :)
Anyway, we decided to paint some letters to put up on her wall, and there's only one wall we can hang pictures on, so I think we might get some of those sticky flowers that go on the wall, and dress it up a little like that. I'm also going to get her a couple of cute little rugs, so she has someplace a little softer to play. So hopefully as I get more done in her room, I'll put up more pictures.
Emmaline really liked painting the letters for her wall.
She has been coloring like crazy lately, and we found her like this last Sunday after Church.

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