Friday, October 3, 2008

History of Texas Museum

We went to the Texas history museum, which is right across the street from Royce's work, so we rode the bus in with Daddy today. (Mommy's first time ever on a public transit bus :) )
It went pretty well, because there were four floors to the museum, and lots to look at, but then we still had some more time to kill before Daddy got done from work, and the UT Museum of Art was on the other side of Daddy's work, so we decided to go in for a little while. Not the smartest thing I've done all day.
The only experience I've had with a museum of art is the one at BYU, and I didn't even think about stuff not being appropriate for a 2yr old. Not only did we have lots of naked guy statues, we had painting of naked women stabbing themselves, some pottery from Greece with more naked guys (yeah, exactly), and lots of weird, gruesom death stuff. So we didn't stay there very long. Plus by that time Emmaline and I were both pretty tired, so we went to the building daddy works in and went up and down the escalator for the last ten minutes. So now we're home resting, and watching Veggie Tails. :)

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Kelda said...

ahhhh, naked people, how funny...that just makes me laugh. i'm sorry, but i can just see your face and you trying to distract emmaline so she doesn't see it all. oh my, i love hearing about your adventures toad. xoxo