Monday, October 27, 2008

Hair Cut!

Watching movies with Mr. Bear, Daddy Bear, and Monkey. That's what their names are.
I cut off her hair! It was the most random thing...we were sitting at Church yesterday, and this little girl had a cute haircut, and I thought, huh, maybe I should cut Emmaline's hair. So we went home, and I cut it off! Normally I would think/plan/debate for weeks, but I just came home and chopped it off. (It was also my second time cutting hair...I tried to cut Royce's hair once, but I was so worried about doing a bad job it took me like 2 hrs, and then Royce finally decided to do it himself, and he just went at it with the clippers.) So hopefully she likes her new hair cut!
I let her play with some of my old make-up...this is lip gloss, but it looks like she had a really bad accident. We thought about posing some with her holding a cheese grater; another one with her laying on the floor next to her upturned bike...but we just couldn't do it :)


Danielle said...

Love the hair cut! I think it makes her look older! And I did think that was blood or burn marks as I first scanned down to that last photo. Made my heart stop for a second!! Glad it was just lip gloss. :)

Sarah Teeples said...

She looks cute! I can't believe how big she it getting!!!! So great to hear from you and keep up with your family. How is school going for Royce? How do you all like Texas?