Sunday, October 19, 2008

Googly Bear

I've decided that I need to blog about Royce more often. I've been realizing lately that it's easy to get caught up in things that I'm doing with Emmaline, and cleaning, and cooking, and what not, which are all very important things to do, but I think in all of my efforts of trying to do good things I've kind of been neglecting Royce a little bit, and so this is part of my attempt to focus on taking care of him a little better. So it's bragging about Royce time :)
A couple of weeks ago we found out that he is going to be published! One of his professors and another student and he (him?) are compiling a bunch of stuff together to make a book about instructional technology (I think :) ) and they're going to present it next year in Washington DC. Which is really cool, and it's a great opportunity for him, especially being so new in the program. So whoohoo! And hopefully he'll keep telling me cool stuff like that. (sometimes I have to beat it out of him, or we'll be talking with somebody and we get on the subject, and then he says something cool that he's done, and it will be a surprise to me too! Which is another reason that I want to focus on him some more, and help encourage him in the good things that he's doing :) ) It's a little harder to blog about Royce, because it's not like they're moments that I can take a picture of, but since I don't really like blogging without pictures, here's a cute one with his youngest sister Gina, when they went camping right before he left on his mission.) (And I really don't call him googly bear, but Emmaline has been watching Monsters Incorporated a lot lately:) )

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