Friday, September 5, 2008

Random Pics

We got these little plastic frogs at the gift shop at the botanical gardens, and later that night I was working on the computer, and Emmaline came up and put them on my stomach, but I didn't notice, and then I looked down and her little froggy and turtle were staring at me, and it cracked me up.

Here are some fondant daisies that I've been playing around with. I have no idea why this is like a link.
Yesterday, Emmaline, Lea and I went to San Antonio, and went to the Alamo, and then took Aunty Lea to the airport, and between the sun and the drive, we were pretty pooped. So for some crazy reason we were up until 1:15 this morning, just watching a movie, and Emmaline went into her room, and then I didn't see her for a while, so I went to check on her, and she'd gotten her baby out of her room, and then laid down in the dark in our room, and went to sleep like this. It was so cute. Normally when she gets tired she tells us, but last night she just crawled right into bed.

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