Monday, August 25, 2008

Imaginary Friend?

So a few weeks before we left Emmaline started playing with her first imaginary friend. That's right, Shan Yu, the bad guy from Mulan. Then about two weeks after that, Helaman joined the team. (She's been watching the weird Book of Mormon scripture cartoons.) So now the three of them play together often...each of them get an M&M for using the toilet...they take turns riding her rocking horse. Royce thinks she has authority figure issues. :) But we're doing really well in Austin...there are so many neat things for a toddler to do! Last week we went to the Austin nature and science center, and this week we're going to walk through the botanical gardens. Hopefully we can keep on schedule and have "field trip day" once a week. And we're having so much fun in our little's great!!

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Kelda said...

I miss Helaman and Shan Yu. And you and Royce and Emmaline!! How was the move? did it all work out ok?
love you!