Thursday, July 24, 2008


(I can't get her to give me just a normal smile when I take her picture any more...she and Royce both just make funny faces :) )

Yeah! The potty training has begun. I bought her a potty chair about a year ago, and we let her sit with it in the living room, and get comfortable with it, and then she'd sit on it on the toilet, and we talked about using the toilet, and we used stickers, and charts, and candy and special soap, and special wipes, and all sorts of methods. But I've made it a point not to push her, because when she's ready, she's ready. I used to worry so much when she was younger, about her rolling over, and crawling, and eating solid food, until one day I finally decided that kids really do develop at their own pace, and as long as we kept taking her to her check-ups and and she was on schedule enough to not need special intervention, I wasn't going to worry about it. So I've been really good lately, but I have to admit I started worrying a little about her being 3 (in October) and not being potty trained, and then 2 days ago she went pee in the toilet for the first time! And she's done really well yesterday and today too. She's had a couple of accidents, but she's starting down the right path.
The other thing that I think kind of helped, is being more direct. I would always ask her if she wanted to "go potty in the toilet." Then it finally hit me the other day, maybe that's too vague. So I started telling her that she should try to pee and poop in the toilet, and that helped a lot. But anyway, it has been a good couple of days!! (You might be thinking that it's weird to take a picture of her in by the toilet, but at least I didn't take a picture of her poop in the toilet...that's what my mom wanted me to do, but I couldn't do it; it was just too gross.)

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